We welcome new players and are very 'sociable'.. If you fancy a game then turn up. buy a pint and start chucking. 

We play in a 'Round the board' league (see 'League' page') which loosely speaking is every Tuesday between September and Easter. 

Ask behind the bar if you are interested in joining the Darts team, or would like to help in any way

DobX Darts Comp

Dobcross Darts Comp (October/November 2023)

The idea of this is to have a social crack and promote and enjoy darts at the club.

It's the first darts comp we've had at the club for a few decades, so expect hiccups

Comp started Mid October 2023 - New Entrants welcome - just contact any darter - £5 entry

Ideas/rules so far are..

Anyone can enter.

The game is 501, non darters start off 301.

The exact rules of the 501 game to be decided..

Everyone plays everyone else in the comp 3 times. The comp is expected to gently drag on for a few weeks.

The league table of results is kept up to date here, at the top of the page

Games take place as and when possible.

After everyone has played each other 3 times, the top set go into a knockout.

How we decide the top set (eg. Top 4 or Top 8 or whatever) is to be decided

Entry is £5.

Our snooker, darts and crib club fund will dobb in £50 too.

All money received is paid out in prizes.

Suggestion to be decided..

70% to the knockout winner

15% to the knockout runner up.

15% biggest checkout of the comp

Prize for highest checkout

Prize for every 180.

Prize for highest score off 3 darts

Max 20 entrants