Face to face & On-line classes

... with Natasha

FACE TO FACE classes

Held at the Band Club for Beginners and Intermediates. See Natashas website for details

Monday (Pilates)

9.30am - 10.20am | Pilates

10.30am - 11.20am | Pilates

Tuesday (Tone & Stretch, and Breathing & Relaxation)

9.30am - 10.15am | Tone & Stretch

10.30am - 11.15am | Breathing & Relaxation

Thursday (Pilates)

9.15am - 10.00am | Online Pilates

10.30am - 11.20am | Pilates

Cost per session - £7 (or if you do two in one week, the cost is £12)

NB Due to current Covid capacity restrictions, BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

If you would like to book a class or simply want more information, then please phone Natasha on

07852 576 107

or message her via Facebook on

Natasha's Online Modern Pilates and Exercise Group

ON-LINE classes

Take part in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

One ON-LINE Pilates class per week is cast 'Live' via a private Facebook group on

Thursdays 9.15am

Cost £7 per week

Join these classes 'Live' or if the timing is not convenient, you can enjoy on 'catch-up' at a time to suit you. For more information and to gain access to the on-line classes, please phone Natasha on

07852 576 107

or message her via Facebook on

Natasha's Online Modern Pilates and Exercise Group

Natasha has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and her classes are suitable for absolutely EVERYBODY - and now with the added flexibility to join in on-line from your own home at a time to suit you.

Classes are enjoyable and friendly.

Both men and women of all ages are welcome.

All equipment and mats are provided at the FACE TO FACE sessions.

Why Pilates?

  • Improve posture

  • Increase bone density

  • Improve pelvic floor function

  • Have better core & abdominal strength

  • Increase muscle tone & strength

  • Improve flexibility

  • Improve pelvic, hip & knee stability

  • Have better balance, motor skills and cognitive function

  • Improve spacial awareness

Why Stretch?

  • Improve your flexibility & mobility

  • Improve your posture - walk taller & lighter

  • Release muscle tension

  • Improve your balance

Achieved by:


Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds all the tissues in the body including the muscles

This involves taking the body through a series of movements to warm up and strech the muscles

This involves both contracting and stretching the targeted muscle. It is a very effective way of increasing flexibility

Trigger points are known as muscle knots and the pain in the knotted muscle is relieved using Trigger Point balls


"Natasha has brought us from absolute beginners to having a really stable core, great balance and flexibility. Every week is different, enjoyable and challenging. A great coach in a friendly atmosphere. Can't recommend it enough!"

Paul Heaps

"A totally comprehensive workout which will strengthen and tone vital muscle groups - all carried out in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Do give it a try!"